25th Provincial Council Meeting

19 - 23 October 2016. Diocese of Pretoria.

Provincial Constitution




United in Prayer, Service and Love.


1.         NAME


The name of the Fellowship shall be the Anglican Women’s Fellowship (AWF) of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.



2.         DEFINITION


          The AWF shall be a body open to all persons 18 years of age and over in the worship of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and shall be bound by the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.


PATRON: shall be the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and / or such other person who may be elected as such by the Provincial Standing Committee.


PRESIDENT: shall mean the duly elected President by the AWF Provincial Council.


OFFICE BEARERS at Provincial, Diocesan and Branch level shall be communicant members of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. All members elected to office shall undertake to attend all meetings and to serve with diligence during their term of office.





            Aims and Objectives of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship shall be to:

  • Promote and further the life of the Church in all spheres  
  • Participate as much as possible in ecumenical activities; 
  • Co-operate and maintain good relations with all welfare organisations with particular emphasis on the aims: 


  • Prayer and Worship
  • Mission and Witness
  • Fellowship and Study
  • Service and Stewardship


            The motto shall be “United in Prayer, Service and Love”.






The Anglican Women’s Fellowship shall consist of:          

  1. AWF Provincial Council and its Executive Committee;
  2. AWF Diocesan Councils and their Executive Committees;
  3. AWF Branch Fellowships and their Executive Committees;
  4. Contact members (Contact membership shall be open to any fully subscribing person who is unable to attend AWF meetings).





5.1       a)         The AWF shall be governed by the AWF Provincial Council (AWFPC).

b)         AWF Provincial Council shall consist of the Executive Committee and two elected representatives from each Diocese within Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

c)         The Office Bearers shall be:

  • Provincial President: elected by AWF Provincial Council (AWFPC) after nominations have been approved by the Patron. Nominations shall be submitted to the AWF Provincial Secretary three months before AWFPC meets.

Nominees for AWF Provincial President shall be persons who have served for at least four years on the AWF Provincial Executive Committee. Nominations may only be made by AWF Provincial Executive members and Provincial Council Delegates after consultation with their respective Diocesan Councils.

  • Vice- President and Alternate: shall be elected by AWFPC. Nominees shall be persons who have served at least two (2) years on the Provincial Executive Committee. However, this two year period may be waived at the discretion of the Provincial President and the Provincial Executive Committee.
  • When an Office Bearer has served a full term of 4 years, she shall be eligible for nomination to another office.
  • If a member has served full term she may step down for one term, then be re-elected for another executive position, if they attend the Provincial Council Meeting as a delegate.    
  • Secretary   elected by AWFPC                                                          
  • Treasurer   elected by AWFPC
  • Editor of “Contact” – the official newsletter of AWFPC.

However, the Secretary, Treasurer and Editor may be co-opted from AWF members who are not elected members of the AWFPC and they shall have no voting rights. These may be granted with approval of the AWFPC Executive Committee.


5.2       Executive Committee


  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of Office bearers of AWFPC and six other voting members elected from and by AWFPC.
  2. Any casual vacancy shall be filled by AWFPC. In the case of the vacancy of the President, the approval of the Patron must be obtained.
  3. The office bearers shall serve for one two year period and may be re-elected for one further two-year period. (4 years in all). The member may then be eligible for nomination to another office.
  4. When a member of AWFPC is elected to the Executive Committee she ceases to be a Diocesan Representative and her AWFDC should elect another delegate in her place at Provincial Council Meetings.
  5. The AWF Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year.

The quorum shall be 50% plus 1 of members, including 2 office- bearers.

  1. The Executive Committee shall have authority to appoint sub- committees with the power of co-option upon such terms as the Executive Committee may determine.
  2. All elections of office- bearers for Executive Committee shall be by secret ballot.
  3. Resolutions may be voted for by show of hands and carried by majority vote. In the case of an equal vote the President shall have a casting vote.
  4. The Executive Committee shall be responsible to the AWFPC for:
  • Carrying on the work of AWF between AWF Provincial Council meetings
  • Receiving and administering of funds for the work of AWF.



5.3       Powers of the AWF Provincial Council


            The AWFPC shall have the following powers:

  1. To appoint sub-committees from amongst its members to undertake duties which the AWFPC may determine.
  2. To co-opt and consult any person or body which in the AWFPC’S view may further the aims of the AWF subject to the proviso that no person so co-opted shall have voting powers.
  3. To open and operate banking and/ or savings accounts to administer its own financial affairs.
  4. To undertake projects to promote the aims of AWF.
  5. To elect members of the Provincial Executive Committee.
  6. To make, amend or rescind by–laws for the better management and promotion of the aims of AWF.
  7. To delegate to the Executive Committee powers to act between sessions of the AWFPC on such terms as may be determined from time to time and subject to any by– laws that may be framed.



5.4       Proceedings of AWF Provincial Council


Meetings: Not more than TWO years shall elapse between AWFPC meetings. Notice of meetings shall be given to all AWF Diocesan Presidents in writing six months prior to the date of the meeting.


Matters arising at council meetings shall be decided by a majority of votes. Each member is entitled to one vote.


The quorum for the transaction of business shall be by 50% plus 1 of the Provincial Executive Committee.


Extraordinary Meetings: Ten members of the AWFPC may at any time request the President/ Chairperson in writing to summon a meeting of the AWFPC providing that they state the nature of the business for which such a meeting is required. The President in consultation with the Executive Committee shall decide whether or not to call a special meeting. Should the Executive Committee decide against such a meeting, those who requested the meeting shall have the right to appeal to the Patron within 60 days of such refusal.





6.1       An AWFDC may be established with the approval of the Diocesan Bishop and/or Diocesan Synod. The AWFDC shall consist of an Executive Committee and TWO elected members from each Branch. The nominees for Diocesan President shall be approved by the Diocesan Bishop and be elected at the AGM by Branch representatives.


The Bishop or his nominee (Chaplain) may be the Patron of the AWFDC.





a)         The AWFDC shall draw up Rules and Regulations based on the AWF Provincial Constitution.

  1. Elect an Executive Committee from amongst its members.
  2. Appoint two members to represent the Diocese at the AWFPC – one of whom shall be the Diocesan President or her nominee.
  3. The work of the AWFDC shall be approved by the Bishop of the Diocese.
  4. An annual report and audited financial statement shall be presented to the Bishop of the Diocese and the AWFPC Executive Committee.
  5. The AWFDC shall pay an annual assessment to AWFPC and other financial contributions as determined by the Provincial Council but otherwise conduct its own financial affairs according to its Rules.





  1. Branch fellowship may be formed in any parish subject to the consent of and under the authority of the Parish Council and shall function in terms of its AWFDC Rules.
  2. The Branch fellowship shall be the working unit of the AWF in the parish.
  3. The Branch fellowship shall meet at least once a month.
  4. Parish Groups other than those of AWF may be affiliated to the AWF.
  5. REGIONS/ ARCHDEACONRIES may be formed at the discretion of the AWFDC corresponding with those within the Diocese. Each shall be under the control of the regional/ archdeaconry council consisting of elected Branch representatives. Each one shall elect from its members a Chairperson, Vice- chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Such councils shall be considered sub-committees of the AWFDC and the Diocesan President shall be an ex-officio member of the council. A report of the activities must be presented at the AWFDC meeting. Secretarial expenses only will be met by the AWFDC from donations received from parishes to the AWFDC funds and proof of these expenses must be provided. Fundraising activities in the name of AWFDC may not be conducted by any regional/ archdeaconry council. They shall meet at least twice a year.



8.         FINANCE


  1. The financial year of all AWF bodies shall be from 01 January to 31 December each year.
  2. All income of the AWFPC / AWFDC and Branch Fellowships shall be used solely for the promotion of its aims and objects.
  3. The AWFPC shall assess each AWFDC for an annual contribution to its funds. In addition contributions towards the Travel Fund of the Executive Committee and Bursary Fund shall be made as approved at each Provincial Council Meeting. This money shall be paid to AWFPC Treasurer by 30 June each year.
  4. Branch Fellowships shall make suitable donations to the AWFDC from its funds as may be decided at AWFDC meetings.
  5. Audited statements of AWFPC, AWFDC and AWF Branch Fellowships shall be available to members and forwarded annually to the AWFPC and AWFDC respectively by the end of April of every year. Auditors for these statements will be approved annually by the relevant AWF Executive Council.
  6. Subsistence and travelling expenses of members of the AWFPC to AWFPC meetings shall be met from the AWFPC Funds. This could be the cost of a rail, bus, air ticket, etc. whichever is more convenient or economical to the venue of the AWFPC meeting. The same applies to Diocesan Committee Members.
  7. g)        The AWFPC Executive Committee shall be able to open banking and savings accounts and invest monies in the name of AWFPC. The President, Treasurer and two other members of the Executive Committee shall operate such accounts under the signature of any two members. All cheques issued in the name of AWF at any level must bear two signatures.
  8. Sub-committees of the AWFPC or AWFDC or Branch Fellowship must obtain Executive Committee approval for the relevant expenditure.


9.         AMENDMENT


          This Constitution may be amended from time to time by the AWFPC, but no amendment shall be considered unless the proposed amendment of the Constitution has been received in writing by the AWF Provincial Secretary at least four months before the meeting of the AWFPC. Proposed amendments if received later than four months before the AWFPC meeting shall not be considered. The Provincial Secretary of the AWFPC shall give three months notice of the proposed amendment(s) to all Secretaries of AWFDC.



10        UNIFORM


            There is no official uniform for members of AWF. However, if a uniform is deemed appropriate it should comprise a lilac/ mauve shirt / blouse worn with a black skirt.


Membership is recognized throughout the Anglican Church of Southern Africa by the wearing of only the official AWF badge.





            Certificates of Merit may be awarded to members who have rendered commendable service on the AWFPC committee. A record will be kept of the awards. AWFDC may also adopt a similar idea-presentation of which will be made after consultation with the Diocesan Bishop.



12.       BANNERS


           AWFPC, AWFDCs and branches may design their own banners. AWF logo in the official colours and the AWF motto must appear on the banner as well as the name of the Diocese/ Parish. The background and size of the banner is left to the discretion of the Diocese/ Branch concerned.  






a)         All resolutions shall be submitted to the AWFPC Secretary at least four months before the AWFPC meeting in order that they may be circulated to all the AWFDCs. Similarly, resolutions coming from the AWFPC Executive Committee must be circulated.

b)         Resolutions concerning amendments or additions to the AWFPC Constitution must be passed at the AWFPC meeting by a two-thirds majority of the members present and entitled to vote and must be approved by the Provincial Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

  1. Late resolutions, with the exception of amendments to the constitution, may be accepted with the consent of two-thirds of the members present and who are entitled to vote.
  2. Where political or controversial matters are concerned, no individual members, parish or AWFDC organization shall take action, make statements or sign papers on behalf of or in the name of AWF without consultation with the AWFDC President, who must consult the Bishop of the Diocese.





No meeting of the AWFPC shall be entitled to consider or vote upon a resolution for the dissolution of the AWF unless:

  • The consent of the Patron has been obtained in writing
  • At least six (6) months notice in writing of the intention to move such dissolution has been given to all members of the AWFPC and to all AWFDC Secretaries. The resolution providing for such dissolution shall be passed by a two-third majority of those present and entitled to vote at the meeting concerned.
  • No such resolution shall take effect until it has been confirmed and approved by the Provincial Standing Committee.
  • Any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been paid shall be given or transferred to institution(s) or organization(s) of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa subject to the approval of the Provincial Standing Committee.


For the purpose of carrying to its final end and determination any dissolution of the AWF, the persons constituting AWFPC at the time of dissolution of the AWF, the persons constituting AWFPC at the time of dissolution shall remain in office until the business of dissolution has been completed. Any vacancies occurring in the AWFPC in this period shall be filled by co-option.





            In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning and effect of any of the provisions of this Constitution, such dispute shall be referred to the Provincial Standing Committee for determination. In so far as any provision in this constitution or any by-laws made by the AWFPC may be in conflict with the Canons of the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF SOUTHERN AFRICA, such provisions shall be regarded as totally invalid and the provisions of the Constitution and Canons of the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF SOUTHERN AFRICA shall prevail, and in all respects this Constitution shall be read subject to the provision of such Constitution and Canons.



16.       NATURE


The AWF shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and an existence independent of its individual members, able, subject to the provisions of this Constitution and the Constitution and Canons of the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF SOUTHERN AFRICA, and to sue or be sued in its own name. The individual members of the Fellowship or their AWFDC shall not be liable to meet the debts, engagements or liabilities of the AWFPC. The income and monies of the AWF from whatsoever sources derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit, to the members of the AWF or to any person claiming through any of them, provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of out-of-pocket expenses incurred on the business of the AWF.





All members shall be bound by the laws and rules as stipulated by the Code of Conduct of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.





Approved at the 22nd Provincial Council Meeting

October 2010